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Upcoming Webinars

November 169 a.m.How to use SBA loans without having a full SBA department
November 299 a.m.2017 HMDA Process Changes: What you need to know
December 69 a.m.Branches Without Boarders
December 149 a.m.Growing your loan and customer base with low risk and low cost
January 109 a.m. Lessons learned from CRA examinations
January 189 a.m.Using Technology to grow your footprint
January 269 a.m. Is “motivation” important or is it truly “Inspiration”
February 79 a.m. Benefits to lenders and communities of SBA loans
February 159 a.m. Most common Call Report errors and how to avoid them
February 239 a.m.Does a Small Business really need a “business plan”
March 79 a.m.Compliance “Hot Topics”
March 159 a.m.Key factors for a smooth business transition
March 239 a.m.Top technology for small businesses
April 49 a.m.Estate planning for small business
April 129 a.m.Communication is key to growth
April 209 a.m.Compliance Update